Chairman Md. Zillur Rahman The leader of the Antiapartheid movement and the fiery voice of the oppressed around the world, Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world.

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer Md. Kamruzzaman Jhontu I gladly accept this opportunity to share about my dream institution- Benchmark International School with you.


Principal Md. Jahirul Islam M.A (English) & M.A (ELT), B.Ed., Cambridge CELTA Certified ESL & IELTS Trainer

Vice Principal

Vice Principal Sheikh Shamim Ashraf B.A (Hon’s) in English M.A in ELT (EWU)

About Benchmark International School

About us Every single creation, on its backdrop, has a story of construction and deconstruction which symbolizes the emergence of something new after the end of any turmoil. Furthermore, history is the witness- this turmoil both causes bitterness and opens the scope for something new and promising too! The entrepreneurs and founders of New Blown School- Chairman, Mr Zillur Rahman, and Managing Director and CEO Mr. Kamruzzaman Jhontu along with a team of dedicated and experienced faculty members and skilled administrators of New Blown are the people, who themselves are educators and social reformers, despite the success of New Blown School in the arena of kindergarten school, felt the necessity of founding a world-class standard school with enriched curriculum to be delivered to the learners with veteran and skilled mentors. On top of these, they also want to make this new learning institution’s education curriculum both global and affordable. Driven by these aspirations, a school committed to providing standard education named 'Benchmark International School' came into existence in 2022 with the motto 'Pursuit of Excellence in Education'.

Faculty Member ( Male)

Head of Admin & HR, BIS
Head of Admin & HR, BIS
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